Programme of Events

Thursday 18th January 1 - 2pm GMT

Jodi Goldman Series 1/3: Happy Success

There's a secret to success and happiness that a lot of people don't's why we struggle with work-life balance, why we feel burnt out, why we feel guilty when we aren't 'being productive' and why it can sometimes feel like success comes at a price.

In this masterclass with Jodi Goldman you will learn:

- The secret to success and happiness and how we've been making things harder than they need to be

- How to be resilient and positive and not let external sources steal your mojo

- And the truth about work-life balance and how to finally achieve it 

Thursday 15th February 1 - 2pm GMT

Jodi Goldman Series 2/3: Magnetic Confidence

It's not what you know, or who you know that makes the biggest's how you are. Your confidence, your presence, your communication, your energy is what differentiates you. It's what makes people trust, listen, support, and connect with you. Charisma, magnetism and being impactful isn't something that you're just born with - it's a skill.

In this masterclass with Jodi Goldman you will learn:

- How to step up, stand out, and shine (even if you're an introvert)

- How to not let the behaviour or energy of other people affect you so you can keep your mojo no matter what

- How to own the room in different scenarios, like meetings, presenting or networking.  

Friday 1st March 1 - 2pm GMT

Jodi Goldman Series 3/3: Impact & Influence

Influence is about getting people to not just say yes to you, it's being able to motivate them in the right way so that they want to say yes. And in today's climate it's more important than ever to be able to make an impact and influence the people in your network.


In this masterclass with Jodi Goldman, you will learn

- How and why people are motivated differently (and why some people frustrate you with their behaviour!)

- Understanding your own motivations so you can make more of an impact

- How you can identify the motivations of others easily so adapt your communication to get the results you want from different kinds of people. 

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