WiHTL is a Collaboration Community devoted to increasing Diversity and Inclusion across Hospitality, Travel and Leisure

Our mission is to support companies across the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry to create diverse and inclusive environments and to positively impact 5 million employees globally by 2025

What We Do


We conduct research and provide diversity and inclusion content that is relevant and inspiring


We nurture collaboration and sharing across the industry, creating multiple opportunities to interact and identify best practices that work in the HTL sector


We support companies and executives in building a diverse talent pipeline through cross-industry leadership development programmes

W for We are WiHTL

W for Working Together

W for World

W for Welcome to All in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure

And more!

Whilst gender remains a core pillar of our work at WiHTL, in the last 2 years we have expanded our remit to not only also cover race and ethnicity but to raise awareness of the challenges faced by other underrepresented groups and mobilise meaningful action when it comes to creating truly inclusive workplaces across the hospitality, travel and leisure industry.

Our Community now positively impacts over 2.6M employees across our industry worldwide, and our Community members have helped to shape our refreshed mission, scope of activities and what our brand stands for. When we started the W in WiHTL stood for Women, it now stands for even more.

Our Collaboration Community has reached over 2.6 Million Employees

Be a part of our ever growing community of companies and individuals committing to creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

We believe that no single company can make progress with the inclusion agenda on its own. Through collaboration we are able to have a greater impact on progressing D,E&I in HTL and in society as a whole.

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Inclusion Summit

The WiHTL & DiR Inclusion Summit was a multi-faceted celebration of diversity and inclusion in the hospitality, travel, leisure and retail sectors. It took place on the 1st November 2022 in the heart of London at the iconic ODEON LUXE, Leicester Square. The in-person event brought together members of our WiHTL and Diversity in Retail Collaboration Communities.

What's Coming Up

For more details on our upcoming events, including links for registration, refer to our Events Page.

Women to Watch & Role Models for Inclusion in HTL Index 2022

Following the success of the Women to Watch in HTL Index over the last 3 editions we are delighted to launch the Women to Watch & Role Models for Inclusion in HTL Index 2022, once again in partnership with The MBS Group. Previous editions revealed a monumental wealth of experiences, personal and professional stories, successes, tips, and lessons learnt. The women featured have inspired many others to progress within our industry, and have become mentors and role models meaning that the powerful and positive impact of the Index continues to be phenomenal.

The 2022 Index will include two categories:

- Women to Watch in HTL (for those who self-identify as a woman)

- Role Models for Inclusion in HTL (for all genders)

The Index will be launched on the 12th December 2022. To learn more click here.

Watch the video above from our Women to Watch 2021 Index.

Our Work

WiHTL 2022: A Half Year in Numbers

In the first half of 2022, we have invested in resources and technology, and have brought people together in person for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Our leadership development programmes have more than doubled in size and our collective impact is broad and deep.

As we approach our fifth birthday, we are delighted to see the progress we have already made this year within WiHTL and throughout the Community, and we look forward to continuing to work together to help our member organisations advance their D&I journeys.

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