WiHTL is a Collaboration Community devoted to increasing Diversity and Inclusion across Hospitality, Travel and Leisure

Our mission is to support companies across the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry to create diverse and inclusive environments and to positively impact 5 million employees globally by 2025

What We Do


We conduct research and provide diversity and inclusion content that is relevant and inspiring


We nurture collaboration and sharing across the industry, putting in place tangible actions that make a difference


We support companies and executives in committing to the diversity and inclusion agenda

Our Collaboration Community has reached over 3.5 Million Employees

Be a part of our ever growing community of companies and individuals committing to creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

We believe that no single company can make progress with the inclusion agenda on its own. Through collaboration we are able to have a greater impact on progressing D, E&I in HTL and in society as a whole.

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Black History Month

October 2021

Throughout Black History Month we will be highlighting up and coming Black leaders in our sector. This year's 'Proud To Be' campaign is inspired by Black Lives Matter and invites Black and Brown people of all ages throughout the UK to share what they are Proud To Be.

Ethnic Future Leaders Programme

The WiHTL 'Ethnic Future Leaders Programme' (EFL) is a ‘one of its kind’ programme that's uniquely placed to provide a series of experiences and learning opportunities to support the career progression of high potential ethnic minority leaders working in hospitality, travel and leisure.

Nominations for the second cohort of the programme have now closed and the programme will start mid-autumn.

View our full list of upcoming leadership programmes.

Nominations Open for the 2021 Women to Watch & Role Models for Inclusion in HTL Index

Following the success of the Women to Watch in HTL Index in 2019 and 2020, in partnership with The MBS Group, we are delighted to launch the Women To Watch & Role Models for Inclusion in HTL 2021 Index.

Previous editions unearthed a wealth of experiences, personal and professional stories, successes, and lessons learnt. The women featured have inspired many others to progress within our industry.

The 2021 Index will include two categories:

- Women to Watch in HTL (for those who self-identify as a woman)

- Role Models for Inclusion in HTL (for all genders)

Nominations are now closed. If you'd like to find out more email gina@wihtl.com

Our Recent Research

The 2021 WiHTL's Annual Report in partnership with The MBS Group tracks the progress being made on diversity and inclusion targets within HTL in the past twelve months.

The report is available to download here. The accompanying press release can be read here.

The Recruiting for Diversity Toolkit serves as a valuable resource for HR leaders in the sector by identifying best practices and highlighting strategies in recruiting processes that help organisations post-pandemic to attract, select and onboard a rainbow of talent within the hospitality, travel and leisure industry. The report is available to download here.

The Interim GPG in HTL Report in partnership with PwC reviews the data shared by those companies in our sector that have elected to publish their gender pay gap reports (by the end of May 2021). It also extrapolates some of the insights and best practices that they have put in place to tackle gender inequality in our sector. The report is available to all to download here.

Our Work

WiHTL 2020 - 21 - A Year in Numbers

In the last year, WiHTL has more than doubled the size of its collaboration community to 3 million employees being positively impacted; delivered cross-industry development programmes for female and ethnic minority leaders; engaged with government to provide guidance on the needs of the HTL sector and how to close the gap; and produced numerous research projects to help guide leaders.

Read more about WiHTL's work in our annual report 'Inclusion at the Core the of Recovery.'

Upcoming Committee Meetings

HR Leaders Steering Group

For HR Leaders Only

3rd November, 14.30 - 16.00 GMT - (Note revised time)


Race & Ethnicity in HTL Committee

For Committee Members Only

10th November, 10.30 - 12.00 BST - (Note revised date)

The Festival of Inclusion in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure

The Festival of Inclusion saw over 1,200 attendees, 22 sessions, and 75 Speakers convene for 2 days of learning and sharing of best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion within the hospitality, travel and leisure sectors.

Among other well known names, WiHTL had great pleasure in welcoming June Sarpong, TV Presenter, Diversity Expert & Award-winning Author, to open the Festival alongside Paul Pomroy, CEO McDonald's (UK&I) and WiHTL Founder & Chair, Tea Colaianni.

A compelling presentation from world-renown keynote speaker, René Carayol MBE, defined the importance of racial equality and how to respect and value difference: “our strength is our difference, our difference is our strength”.

Read more about the event

CEOs and Advisory Board Members Stand Together in Support of Inclusion

Launched at the WiHTL Festival of Inclusion in HTL held in May 2021, CEOs and WiHTL Advisory Board members from across the sector shared how they stand together with their employees in support of inclusion.

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