Leadership Development Programmes

The Global Women Leader Programme (GWLP) 

The GWLP is a unique, comprehensive, cross-industry programme designed to provide a series of experiences and learning opportunities to support career progression for high potential female leaders in the HTL industry.

This programme aims to:

Cohort 5 will launch in June 2023.

The programme is open to WiHTL members to attend (member companies can nominate up to 2 women leaders per cohort). Non-members are also able to participate for a fee per participant. 

For non-members and further details, email silvia@wihtl.com

Ethnic Senior Leaders Programme (ESL) 

This programme is designed to support and prepare ethnic senior leaders for promotion to Executive Board level. It is aimed at those preparing to take on increasing levels of responsibility and greater challenges as they move into more senior leadership/management roles.

It will help delegates to:

Numbers are limited to 15 Participants per cohort.

Cohort 3 will launch in October 2023.

For non-members and further details, email laura@wihtl.com

Women NED Programme

Our unique programme is specifically designed to prepare Women senior leaders for non-executive director (NED) roles within the Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail sectors and support them in understanding the skills required.

It will help delegates to:

This programme is open to members only and Cohort 2 will launch in September 2023.

For non-members and further details, email silvia@wihtl.com

Ethnic Future Leaders Programme (EFL) 

The Ethnic Future Leaders Programme (EFL) aims to improve ethnic diversity in leadership through identifying and investing in existing high potential employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds supporting their progression into more senior roles across Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Retail.

Benefits include:

Cohort 4 will launch in April 2023.

For non-members and further details, email silvia@wihtl.com

The second cohort of the Ethnic Future Leaders Programme has recently graduated in a fantastic online event. This video encapsulates key learning and highlights from the course as described by the delegates, and gives true insight into the impact the programme has made on the lives of those who took part. Each delegate also featured in a Yearbook curating memorable moments from the programme.