The Current Index

The wait is over, our 2022 list of Women to Watch and Role Models for inclusion is here.

Now in its fourth year, this edition of the index is again in partnership with The MBS Group. The first half of the index features 61 incredible women from across Hospitality, travel and leisure who have achieved personal and professional success through their leadership, innovation and determination.

Also included in the index are 20 incredible Role Models for Inclusion, these are individuals from all backgrounds who are playing a central role in moving the dial on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion both in their organisations and communities.

To download your digital copy of the index click here.

Celebrating the last four years

As part of our celebrations for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month we were delighted to bring together so many wonderful women and allies at an event earlier this afternoon in partnership with The MBS Group and very kindly hosted by the team AlixPartners.

The event was one of inspiration and celebration as we brought together all those who have featured in our ‘Women To Watch and Role Model for Inclusion in HTL’ Index or who have been a part of our Global Women Leaders and NED development programmes over the last 4 years.

Our Founder and Chair Tea Colaianni said of the event “It was wonderful to see so many talented and gifted Women join us today to celebrate their own achievements as well as mark International Women’s Day. It is crucially important to highlight the breadth and depth of talented Women across the sector to inspire others to join and thrive in our industry”.

Closing the event we shared this video capturing some of the women who featured in the index over the last 4 years and what it meant to them. You can watch that video below.

Past Women to Watch Indexes

Women To Watch 2021 Index

Last years Women To Watch aimed to highlight the depth and breadth of female talent in the sector – not profiling the ‘top’ women, but instead demonstrating that inspiring individuals can be found from all parts of the sector, across all disciplines and functions. This year, we have also included a selection of Role Models for Inclusion – men and women who are playing a central role in moving the dial on diversity.

You can read the full version of the Index by clicking here.

Women To Watch 2020 Index

Against the backdrop of a turbulent year for the hospitality travel and leisure sector, in which strong female or ethnic minority role models had exited and budgets to achieve D&I goals had been cut, it was more important than ever to celebrate the diverse range of women demonstrating excellence in their field.

You can read the full version of the 2020 Index by clicking here.

Women To Watch 2019 Index

In its inaugural year, the Women to Watch in hospitality, travel and leisure Index showcased a range of female professionals across HTL occupying an incredible variety of different roles. The Index highlighted the broad and deep female talent pool within our industry.

The Index profiled 90 impressive women who distinguish themselves for their commercial and operational excellence, industry and social impact and tenure, their achievements and passion for the industry. 

You can read the full version of the Index by clicking here.